Clearwater Construction has developed a reputation for quality, innovation and cost-effective construction that fits the client's needs rather than providing a 'one-size-fits-all' solution.

A significant benefit of engaging Clearwater Construction is the access to it's sister companies; Structural Engineers, DHC Consulting, and one of New Zealand's leading structural steel fabricators, D&H Steel Construction. Clearwater Construction is able to draw on it's vast experience, and that of it's sister companies, to identify design improvements and generate build efficiencies. These efficiencies often result in a reduced build cost as well as a reduced project time frame.

It is Clearwater Construction's reputation to successfully deliver large-scale design-build developments that secure appointments as preferred contractor and attract clients to a negotiated procurement route. Early involvement in a project by Clearwater Construction results in a tailored design where every dollar spent is value engineered against the project brief. 

Under Negotiated and Design-Build project procurement Clearwater Construction offer;
  • A fair fee negotiated to cover overheads and profit
  • A single point of accountability and responsibility for the delivery of a project
  • Management of the design risk and design process including appointment of design consultants
  • Buildability review
  • Cost effective alternative design methodologies and value engineering
  • Access to a loyal and reputable supply chain with transparency of competitive subcontractor pricing
  • Optimum design
  • Competitive fixed build price
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