Health & Safety

Our safety culture is driven by a “safety first” policy.  The health and safety of our workforce and subcontractors across all our sites are accorded the highest priority from board level and down. We implement Site Specific Safety Plans on all our work sites and ensure all subcontractors also comply with Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requirements. Clients can be assured that we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in health and safety performance. We are Site Safe Members and are a Chartered Accreditation Company (Tier 2 status) with our staff and workforce 

undergoing appropriate health and safety training relevant to their position, role and responsibilities. Our safety management system is based on the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices (which Clearwater held Tertiary Level certification when the ACC Scheme was active). We are active members of the Northern Safety Liaison Safety Group and Southern Safety Liaison Safety Group. We externally audit our system Worksafe Safe Plus Performance requirements and have been assessed at a performing level on their maturity scale.